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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  November 23, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> reporter: i feel like michelle you would think that it had been here for a while with the amount of people that are flooding the parking lots. take a look. last night, shoppers arrived here at 10:00 last night to cash in on those deals. we spoke to shoppers again who had been here who skipped out on sleep just to get a piece of that holiday discount there in search of those good black friday deals. one shopper told me she and her family drove up from san jose just after thanksgiving dinner. >> it's all about the rush, you know? got to be here for the rush. got to get in with the crowd. it's really fun. so it's part of like culture, i guess, of thanksgiving. >> these outlets opened just two weeks ago. since then, it's been inundated with shoppers and cars. there's been a big traffic backup along the roadways and it doesn't look like it's going to ease up anytime soon. back out live here, you would forget that it's 5:00 in the morning because there are so many people just sort of walking around the stores here. you think that, no, they would be asleep. no, they are out here trying
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again to cash in on the deals and it's black friday but again, what's black friday? the stores opened at 10:00 last night. so i guess they are wasting no time. live in livermore, back to you guys. >> thank you. a lot of best buy stores opened at midnight as you probably heard including one in san jose, santana row. >> whoo! >> and away they go. many people camped out for days to be among the first through the doors since bargain items are often in limited supply. one man was only in line for a few hours so he did not get the tv he originally wanted. >> they had something on sale earlier but this is about the right size. i know it's going to fit so good price, should be fine. >> responding to relative chaos in the past, they wanted to keep the peace this year so santana row let customers through the doors about 50 at a time. >> they look packed. a lot of stores are in the midst of marathons opening last
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night and staying open until closing time tonight. [ screaming ] >> among them, this target store here in colma where we shot this video a short time ago. it opened at 9:00 last night and will remain open until 11:00 tonight, that's 26 hours straight. the thanksgiving night openings have sharply reduced the number of long lines that you would otherwise see at this time of morning [ screaming ] and another big turnout for early sales in silicon valley. this is one of the busiest target stores in san jose. last night shoppers entered in groups of 30. big ticket items like flat screen tvs were on the top of a lot of shopping lists. and another clothing store is bucking the black friday trend in the east bay. this old navy store in emeryville was open during the day on thanksgiving. retail experts predict overall holiday sales will rise 4.1% this year, a half percent more
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than predicted every year for the last decade. it's estimated each shopper on average will spend $582 for this holiday season. >> a lot of money. >> what about online? well, those retailers expect a double-digit hike in spending with consumers forking out an average of $400 each. and now that black friday is finally here, we are looking ahead to cyber monday. that's the next thing. for tips on how though save online, go to while most retail stores opened early this black friday, one big name department store did not. j.c. penney opened just minutes ago. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is live at the retailer in daly city. elissa, tell us about this new marketing strategy. >> reporter: j.c. penney wasn't even supposed to open until 6:00 this morning but opened an hour early at 5:00. you can see shoppers inside. some of the competitors opened as early as yesterday to offer deal seekers door buster sales.
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j.c. penney has a different business model. they are all about low prices every day. the new ceo ron johnson eliminated sales and coupon deals to try to change the way america shops. sales dropped by 26%. the company also posted a $123 million loss last quarter. still, they are sticking to their guns. they are, however, having this black friday sale. they are calling their only sale weekend of the year but they didn't want to overlap into thanksgiving. they decided they were not going to open until today. usually they open at 4 a.m. on black friday. they opened an hour later. i spoke with some shoppers waiting for the doors to open. >> it's a little late an everyone is probably really tired and they won't have that much money because they have been spending it other places. >> reporter: j.c. penney is also giving out gift buttons today with a number of customers punching into their phones to win a prize. this morning, i did see a lot of people walking past j.c. penney looking at the hours on the door seeming a little bit
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confused because as we all know a lot of these other stores some of them opened at midnight to let customers in. there were lots of long lines all over the place but j.c. penney took a different approach. didn't open until 5 a.m. you can see it's pretty busy inside. but shoppers again seemed a little bit confused earlier this morning. in daly city, elissa harrington, cbs 5. picketers will greet shoppers at some bay area walmart stores today. walmart workers are not unionized but they are getting help from the united food and commercial workers. this walmart on hesperian boulevard in san leandro is one of four bay area stores where picketers plan to protest today. they also picketed last night prompting a manager to order them off the property. >> this is private property. and again, we're asking you and your group to leave. >> no. >> california law gives us the right to talk to customers and handle in front of the stores. >> if you don't leave, we will get the police involved.
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>> reporter: organizers are calling for walmart to improve employee wages and working conditions. other walmarts targeted today include the richmond and fairfield stores as well as the story road location in east san jose. thanks for coming by channel 5 this morning, by the way. it's 5:06. let's get the latest look at weather and traffic. we are going to begin with the lady who is dressed appropriately. >> very good. it's actually navy, brian. >> looks black to me. >> it's dark. [ laughter ] black friday so we're hoping the commute is not going to be a bad one. actually it's looking okay right now. this is our one incident that we had earlier this morning. northbound 680 approaching landess avenue. we had a traffic light down in the road but all lanes are free and clear on northbound 680 so it's cruising through milpitas. live look at 880, people may be heading towards area malls including southland mall on southbound 880 in hayward and so far it's a quick trip from oakland to 92. that is a check of your "timesaver traffic." for more on your forecast, how
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are we looking? dry out there? >> it looks black to me. >> it looks black to you? >> yes. >> i think it's appropriate. [ laughter ] around the bay area high pressure is building in overhead meaning nice weather as the ridge sits over the skies today but we are going to see some changes coming up in the latter part of this next week so enjoy the sunshine while we have it. out there now the temperatures a little chilly in spots. temperatures dropping off to 40 degrees right now in santa rosa, 41 in concord and 54 degrees fairly mild into san francisco. by the afternoon, speaking of mild, we are expecting lots of sunshine maybe an occasional high cloud or two but other than that plenty of sunshine and temperatures warming up to the 60s, probably some low 70s in the warmest spots inland. looks like weather will hold into the weekend. toward the middle of next week we could be talking about more rain coming our way. we'll have more coming up. >> thank you. a fire captain was one of two people taken to the hospital after a three-alarm fire in san jose overnight. the fire broke out at 8:30 at
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the woods apartments on willow leaf drive. the fire captain was hurt after he went inside the burning building and the roof started to cave in. he has minor injuries as does a resident. one fire victim is looking on the bright side. >> what are you thankful for. >> my family is okay. my stuff can be replaced. my kids, you know, my life. >> 18 people were displaced from 6 units. investigators are for exampling on a fireplace that was being used in one of the apartments as the possible cause. more bay area headlines. berkeley police are hoping you can help catch a cigarette thief. they are looking for this man here. he is suspected of breaking into several stores in the past month to steal cigarettes. he is also suspected of burglarizing businesses in neighboring cities. investigators say he smashes windows to get inside, gets what he is after and then leaves in a hurry.
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wedding mystery we first told you about has been solved.fremont police have found the owner of a lost wedding photo album found in a suitcase outside a preschool. police it had been taken from a storage unit that had been broken into and the thieves tossed it. the owner is in india. san diego inmate will be the first one released under california's revised "three strikes" law. the voter-approved amendment requires the third strike to be a violent felony in order to mandate a life sentence. the 62-year-old man being released was serving 25 years to life for a third nonviolent offense. a judge reduced his sentence wednesday after 15 years behind bars. the inmate should be released in the next few days. developing news now it's the first violence since israel and hamas agreed to a cease- fire. israeli troops killed a palestinian man today along its border with gaza. nine others were wounded.
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it appears to be an isolated incident. otherwise, things are slowly returning to normal in the region now that the truce ended eight days of intense fighting. as part of the truce, two border crossings are now open again. but despite the relative peace, one israeli commander warns his troops are ready if needed. >> gaza will be a quiet place. if the terror organization will reoperate from gaza, the future is worse than it was. >> meanwhile, an israeli army spokesman says an israeli arab who is a member of hamas has been arrested for a bus bombing in tel aviv. the bombing injured 27 wednesday before the truce. >> boxer hector "macho" camacho is reported to be brain-dead following a shooting in puerto rico. >> two of camacho's aunts saying that his family decided to keep him on life support for two more days at the request of two sisters from new york who want to spend more time with him.
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mexico's president is trying one last time to drop the words united states from the country's name. south of the border is official lip known as the united mexican states. president calderon says the name was given in 1824 to imitate the united states of america. calderon is hoping both houses of congress and a majority of the country's states will approve the name change. calderon leaves office december 1. 5:11. satisfying your online shopping needs. >> how the bay area is leading the way with same-day delivery. beep beep ] >> ed brady bunch. >> and video chat like you have never seen it. how to get the entire family together. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a turkey day proposal! this indiana couple started the day with a 5-k run together. then at the finish surprise. [screaming ] well, you can guess what this is. yup. it's a turkey day proposal. this indiana couple started a day with a 5-k run together then at the finish line, the big surprise! he proposed to her. friends and family helped him by carrying that message and in case there was any doubt, chelsea of course said yes. i think we knew that all along. >> you never know if they are
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tears of joy. [ laughter ] >> or absolute shock. >> oh-oh. >> pretty sweet though, right? >> totally. she is on camera. she is not going to say no. [ laughter ] >> the screams gave it away. thanks, guys. let's go outside show you what it looks like right now across the bay bridge. it's easy breezy so far. we are crossing our fingers for extra light black friday traffic. so far, so good. folks are going to area malls. it's getting crowded by wells field mall heading into san francisco. -- westfield mall heading into san francisco. no metering lights and no delay towards san francisco. let's go to our maps. if you are really heading out of town, no change requirements right now if you are heading towards the sierra. interstate 80 by the truckee scales, no chain requirements on 50 or 88. things good towards the grapevine and a look at the golden gate bridge where things are flowing nicely towards doyle drive. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." for more on your forecast, this weekend forecast, here's lawrence. >> elizabeth, are you going shopping today?
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>> i am! good deals! >> i knew you were going out there. she was getting excited about that early on. if you are heading out this morning, it's a little chilly in spots. some of those temperatures dropping off upper 30s to low 40s outside. 50s at the coastline. mostly clear there. couple of clouds inside the bay but not bad. as we look toward the afternoon, should be mostly sunny and mild temperatures into the 60s possibly some low 70s the warmest spots inland and as we look around the state watch out for fog in the central valley traveling there especially through the sacramento valley and down south in toward fresno where we are seeing thick fog this morning. wait a little longer to leave. of course that will start to lift. at sfo today flying out, we have some mostly sunny skies. no delays expected there. we are expecting showers into houston, 73 degrees sunny and bright in denver, 36 chilly in chicago. 56 new york. high pressure still dominating the weather and will continue to do so through the holiday weekend so enjoy the sunshine
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and the mild temperatures by the afternoon. 70 morgan hill. 63 pacifica. east bay temperatures in the 60s. inside the bay we'll see temperatures running up into the 60s. rain the middle of next week. back to you. >> thank you. following in the footsteps of online retailers, the cash- strapped u.s. postal service will be testing out same-day delivery this holiday season and it's going to happen right here in the bay area. the usps will partner with retailers and begin offering the service in san francisco next month. if things run smoothly, it will expand the program to other cities like new york, chicago and next year boston. there's no substitute for sitting around a table with the family and friends this holiday season. but if you can't, cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts shows us a high-tech way to connect up to a dozen people at a time. reporter: it sounds like a slot machine. but it's actually a video chat
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service. [ dingdong ] >> reporter: that's the sound of someone joining a call on oovoo. the company boasts it can connect up to a dozen people at once. two more than skype and google hangout which both set their limit at 10. >> it's a fun form of communication. so unlike facebook which lets you stay in touch with what your friends did, now you can take your friends along to do those things. >> reporter: but first, you will have to get all your friends to sign up for the same service. then you can start connecting. >> the brady bunch. >> reporter: and while you can chat with up to 12 people at once, the number of faces you actually see depends on your screen. on our mac, we maxed out at 6. intern ally could only see three on her smartphone and dave our coworker down the hall could only see one other person but here is a youtube link of what oovoo is supposed to look like on a pc. that's what you need to see all 12 faces at once. >> the more people you add the
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greater the complexity. cnet says when it comes to video chat, everyone be's experience can be affected by the weakest link. >> you're at the mercy of somebody else's technology. if one person's feed is slow, then everybody else on the call is getting that delay. >> reporter: the quality of a video chat depends on your bandwidth, the type of computer and the network you're on. 4-g is better than 3. but dolcourt says when it comes to any video chat service more isn't always better. >> you're going to find much better quality if you limit yourself to five or six. >> reporter: that is, if your friends can figure out how not to interrupt. [overlapping speakers] >> reporter: now, while most of these chat apps are free you will have to put up with advertisements on the screen and some services require at least one person on the conference call to have a premium account, that can cost a few dollars a month. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. >> good advice. and it is now about 20 minutes
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after 5:00. up in the air, we could find out as soon as today who could be the starting quarterback for the 49ers this weekend. >> and game on in san jose. the big winners from the classic thanksgiving day matchup. what's cool about your school? you can submit your nomination on our website, we may come and feature school on our show. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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action. good morning. here's a check of roads across the bay area. obviously a lot of people have today off work so no surprise, the roads are looking great across the golden gate bridge. no delays over at the bay bridge, san mateo bridge flowing nicely in both directions. coming up, a check of mass transit and holiday schedules in a few minutes. the san francisco giants getting in on the black friday action. they are selling single game tickets for the first half of the season starting at 10 a.m. the tickets will be available at giants dugout stores and at the team's website. the tickets will be on sale until christmas eve. san francisco 49ers head coach jim harbaugh might have a quarterback announcement at his scheduled news conference today. this have been reports all week that colin kaepernick will get the call in new orleans on
5:24 am
sunday. the second year quarterback had a big game against chicago monday night filling in for alex smith, who was out with a concussion. smith has been cleared to play against the saints. the big bone will stay at lincoln high school for at least another year. ♪ [ music ] >> the annual big bone game between the city's two oldest public high schools. the lincoln lions beat the san jose bulldogs 55-13 before a few thousand fans at city college. that rivalry dates back to the 1940s. it's lincoln's 15th straight win. another lincoln high school is also a thanksgiving day winner this one in san francisco. lincoln high won the san francisco championship game 22- 21 over the defending champion mission high. mission erased a 14-0 deficit but lincoln later took the lead
5:25 am
for good with a two-point conversion. now, the play of the day of from college basketball. memphis' chris with the alley- oop to team may d.j. stephens who dunked it in but in the end, unbelievable virginia commonwealth upset number 17 memphis 78-65. >> i could watch that all day. >> good luck. >> that was a great play. >> 5:25 now. black friday shopping is going full blast and weave we have team coverage. >> look overhead. lots of shoppers full parking lots all people trying to cash in on black friday deals. coming up we'll hear what those deals are. >> reporter: in daly city retailers opened early for door buster deals but one retailer took a different approach and opened later than usual this black friday. i'll tell you who and why.
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald a busy start to black friday for the bay area's biggest outlet mall. live pictures now from chopper 5 as you can see, people already lining up and we're covering all angles from the bargains to the traffic backups. >> that's right. they got their overflow parking ready to go. so far everything is on clear but a lot is on holiday schedules. we'll break it down for you coming up. >> take april jacket. chilly to start the day but lots of sunshine, mild temperatures coming our way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> good morning, everyone. it's friday november 23rd. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. it's 5:30. frank is off. >> very lucky, right. >> yeah. so we ate turkey, now it's time to go shopping. >> that's what people are
5:30 am
saying all over the bay area this black friday morning. we have team coverage from the big retail locations. elissa harrington is at the j.c. penney store in daly city, first we go to cbs 5 reporter and i'm so happy i still remember how to pronounce your name, cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran. >> reporter: a lot of the shoppers have got a head start outlets here opened at 10:00 last night and people have been here ever since. i'm actually now joined here live with the assistant general manager of the paragon outlets dave ackerman. good morning and belated happy thanksgiving to you. >> good morning. happy thanksgiving to you. happy black friday. >> i know. that's the story today. we were talking about this earlier. >> it was jam-packed. we are anticipating lots of people rolling in as the sun
5:31 am
comes up. >> what deals can people expect if they come here today? >> you know, obviously we have the best collection of iconic brands just about anywhere. and everyone is offering something for black friday. there are great deals before ten a.m. but even other specials running all through the day. so it's a great day to shop and save even more than you normally would at the outlet. >> i'm noticing there is a big traffic backup because a lot of people are basically understanding the fact that there are deals here and that this is the place to be. what are your recommendations for shoppers today? >> well, now like you see it here, there's a lull. this is a great time to arrive because there's not nearly as much traffic as there was last night or as there will be later. and obviously, then again, maybe wait until later in the day maybe 4:00 or 5:00 and we'll probably seethings slim down a little around then, too.
5:32 am
people will be grabbing some dinner and getting those leftovers. december will be going on throughout the day but he says now is the time to stop by because we are experiencing believe it or not a lull despite what you may have seen on chopper 5 right there. so this is the place to be is what we're told. live in livermore, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. it's been a busy morning at the vacaville outlets. black friday is traditionally the biggest retail event of the year for the premium outlet simon property group. along with vacaville, they own outlet shopping centers in napa, petaluma and gilroy. one department store isn't playing by black friday rules. j.c. penney has a new strategy. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is live at the daly city store. what is their big black friday license? >> reporter: they just opened at 5 a.m. here in daly city at many other places they are not opening until 6:00. and that sounds late when you consider what many of their competitors have been doing. some of them even opened
5:33 am
yesterday during thanksgiving to offer thos deals. they didn't want to overlap into thanksgiving. the company sent a tweet earlier this week that said thanksgiving is for thanking, not shopping. some of the retail chains' competitors have been opening early and people have been out here all night shopping. but the company basically says that customers shouldn't have to stay up late or wake up super early to get a good deal. they are offering black friday deals but say that this is going to be their only sale weekend of the year. that's because the new ceo eliminated sales and coupons and went for low prices every day. a model the company hopes changes the way that people shop. i got a chance to speak with people waiting for the doors to open this morning. >> it's a little late and like everyone is probably tired really tired by the time -- they won't have that much money
5:34 am
because they have been shopping other places. >> reporter: when doors opened people got excited and ran in and came out with good deals, they say. this is the company's only quote, unquote sale weekend of the year. most other places won't open until 6:00. elissa harrington, cbs 5. a lot of best buy stores opened at midnight including one on santana row in san jose. looks like fun. many people camped out for days to be among the first through the door since bargain items are often in limited supply. but one man was only in line for a few hours, result, he did not get the tv he originally wanted. >> ned something on sale early -- they had something on sale earlier, good price, should be fine. >> to make sure everybody
5:35 am
stayed calm, the santana row store let customers through the doors just 50 at a time. whoo! but wait, there's more. a lot of stores are in the middle of marathons opening last night and staying open until closing time tonight. among them this target store, this one in colma where we had this video shot just a little while aglow. it opened at 9:00 last night. it will remain open until 11:00 tonight. that's one of the busiest target stores in san jose where shoppers entered in groups of 30. many of them wanting big ticket items like flat screen tvs. shoppers at bay area walmart stores will find picket lines. workers aren't unionized. this walmart in san leandro is one of four bay area stores
5:36 am
where picketers plan to protest today. they also picketed last night prompting a manager to order the union members off the property. >> this is private property and again, we're asking you and your group to leave. >> no. >> california law gives us the right to talk to customers and handle in fronts of the stores. >> if you don't leave we'll get the police involved. >> organizers are calling for walmart to improve employee wages and working conditions. other walmarts targeted include the richmond and fairfield stores as well as the story road location in east san jose. well, americans are expected to spend a good deal more during the holidays this year. retail experts predict overall holiday sales will be up 4.1% from last year. and that means the average shopper will spend $582. online retailers are looking for a double-digit hike in spending. consumers are likely to spend more than $400 on internet shopping. for tips on how to save
5:37 am
online on cyber monday, go to cbssf.comcybermonday. >> i'm hearing sarcasm in your voice. >> people think that all of this sort of expanded retailism is confined to this era but it's not. during the depression they moved thanksgiving up a week in order to give shoppers potentially an extra week to go in and do more retail shopping. so it's not like this is the first time it's happened. >> true. but elizabeth, he waits until the day before christmas to shop. >> if then. >> i'm impressed, brian. where do you pull out all these facts of information? he is just full of them. >> wealth of information. >> walking jeopardy! >> thanks, guys. let's go outside. of course we're talking black friday this morning. and here's a live look at one of our busiest spots. >> you can see already jam- packed parking lot. so yeah a lot of folks getting a
5:38 am
head start. drive time 14 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. chopper 5 is going to continue to cruise around and look for black friday backups. otherwise mass transit is always a good option. bart is actually running longer trains. if you are doing some shoppping heading towards san francisco, using that powell street exit, longer trains on bart this morning. ace train no service. muni, ferries, also on a holiday schedule on this friday morning. we'll have much more traffic coming up. in the meantime, let's go over to lawrence with a check of your shopping forecast. >> yeah. should be a great day to get out there and do a little shopping. you may have to move a little quick they are morning, a little cold outside. high pressure overhead and clouds floating on through but otherwise looking good. we are going to see that ridge the next few days through the holiday weekend so enjoy. temperatures chilly in spots. 41 degrees in concord.
5:39 am
40 now in santa rosa. 54 not too bad into san francisco. 44 degrees in san jose. as we look toward the afternoon, should see plenty of sunshine. temperatures moving well into the 60s. inside the bay and many of the valleys, some of the temperatures may get closer to 70 toward the afternoon. that weather should hold for the weekend but we have some more raindrops in the forecast. we'll talk about that coming up. back to you. new this morning, two people in the hospital after a shooting at a san rafael nightclub. police were first called to club 101 just before 1:00 in the morning. they detained several people for questioning. investigators say it appears the incident started as an argument inside the club which then spilled into the parking lot where the shots were fired. at this point there is no information on the condition of the victims. new information about a fire captain who was hurt at a fire in san jose. the fire captain went inside the burning building and the roof started to cave in. he suffered a concussion and a fractured vertebrae in his neck. the three-alarm fire at the
5:40 am
kimberly woods apartment started about 8:30 last night. 18 residents were forced out of six units. >> this is one heck of a thanksgiving for you, huh? >> yes. but you know, looking on the good side my family is okay. >> really bad feeling. we're okay. most important thing. >> the fire started on the upper level of the building possibly in a fireplace. investigators are still looking into that. a developing story this morning. israeli troops killed a palestinian man today along its border with gaza. it's the first violence since israel and hamas agreed to a cease-fire. nine others were injured in that incident but it appears to be isolated. otherwise things are slowly starting to return to normal in the region now that the truce has ended eight days of intense fighting. as part of that truce, two border crossings are open again. but despite the relative peace, one israeli commander warns his troops are ready if needed.
5:41 am
>> gaza will be a quiet place. if the terror organizations will reoperate from gaza, the future is worse than it was. >> meanwhile, an israeli army spokesman says that an israeli arab who is a member of hamas is arrested for a bus bombing in tel aviv. the bombing injured 27 on wednesday before the truce. time now 5:41. it's one of the most memorable images from superstorm sandy. the new plan for an iconic roller coaster. >> and a mass of mangled metal. what's behind a deadly pile-up in texas involving more than 100 cars. ,,,,,,,,,,
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okay, now here's our holiday gift list.
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try the all-new hobbit inspired menu, only at denny's. and see "the hobbit: an unexpected journey." are higher this morning, 45 minutes ahead of the opening 's going to be looks like it's going to be a week of gains on wall street. stock futures are higher this morning 45 minutes ahead of the opening bell. it's a short session today ending three hours earlier than usual. the day after thanksgiving often has the lightest trading of the year. former-mile-an-hour rag ga school board president explains his decision to resign 24 hours after he was re-elected. dexter louie says the decision as to step down was painful. he may have had a conflict of interest concerning a child abuse lawsuit against two former teachers. some of his relatives spoke on behalf of one of the suspects.
5:45 am
berkeley police are hoping that you can help them catch a cigarette thief. this man is suspected of breaking into several stores in the past month. he is also suspected of burglarizing businesses in neighboring cities. investigators say he smashes windows to get inside and gets what he is after and then leaves in a hurry. a wedding mystery we told you about yesterday has been solved. fremont police have found the owner of a lost wedding photo album and that album was inside a briefcase along the road outside a preschool. police believe it was taken from a storage unit that had been broken into and the thieves they just tossed it. the owner was eventually traced all the way to india. it's so cool they got it back to the couple. >> i assume they are still married. >> i don't know. >> maybe he tossed it. >> that's the other part of the story we haven't talked about. >> lawrence will get right on. >> i have a confession. itches not planning ongoing shopping today for black friday but liz -- i was not planning on going shopping today for black friday but elizabeth
5:46 am
talked me into it! >> talking about all the deals on the breaks. temperatures in the 40s in some of the valleys. high pressure overhead will bring with it a lot of sunshine toward the afternoon and mild temperatures outside. if you are heading out right now, it's chilly inland. you have some upper 30s and low 50s there. couple of patches of fog are possible although we haven't seen a lot just yet. mostly clear out toward the coastline. this afternoon sunshine just about everywhere you go. 60s coastside, could even see low 70s in some of the valleys. so if you are traveling around the state today, not a bad day to do it although watch out in th valley. watch out early on. if you wait a few hours that will lift. at sfo, no trouble there at all. looking good across the country, showers in houston, 56 degrees, clear in denver. chicago chilly 36. 56 in new york partly cloudy skies. high pressure is going to take
5:47 am
care of us today and through the holiday weekend. with the ridge in place temperatures will be mild. the biggest thing will be that ground fog developing late night into early-morning hours. temperatures as high as 70 degrees in morgan hill today. 67 in fremont. east bay numbers running up into the 60s by the afternoon. and inside the bay we'll find plenty of sunshine today about 68 degrees in oakland, 66 degrees in san francisco. and 62 degrees in daly city. next couple of days, high pressure takes over. then temperatures look mild into the afternoon. chilly to start the day. then lots of sunshine. rain wednesday and thursday. so, elizabeth, you must shop today! >> in addition to michelle and i, chopper 5 is also searching for some good deals so they have been scouring bay area malls and stores and they are over the san leandro walmart where it looks okay. we are seeing cars there filling up the parking lot. but on 880 it looks good in both directions. let's go to our maps.
5:48 am
some areas westbound 580, we showed you paragon outlets earlier the parking lot jammed through livermore. westbound 580 the ride on the main lines of the freeway near el charro look good. so right now 15 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. if you are really getting out of town towards the sierra, fortunately there are no chain requirements right now on interstate 80, highway 50 or highway 88. it looks good through the grapevine. here's a live look across the golden gate bridge. nice flow this morning all across the span. just some lane changes a little while ago so everything is quiet towards doyle drive. silicon valley commute westbound 237, no delay through milpitas. and so far like i said pretty much incident-free as far as our chp reports go if you're traveling near oakland airport and coliseum. that is traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. dozens of people have lost their homes after a thanksgiving night fire at this ohio condominium complex. lucas county authorities say the fire broke out just after 7:00 last night.
5:49 am
nobody was injured. the building appears to be a total loss. at last no word yet on a possible cause. and thanksgiving morning turned into a nightmare for hundreds of people caught up in a major pile-up in texas. more than 140 cars and trucks lay twisted and broken littering interstate 10 about 80 miles east of houston. the huge crash happened as holiday drivers tried to navigate through dense fog. drivers could do little to get out of the way. >> i just grabbed my kids, pulled them out of the car -- [ crying ] >> and ran. that's all i could do. >> at least two people died. more than 80 were hurt. several critically. rescue crews credit many drivers for helping each other while first responders were just overwhelmed. superstorm sandy may have created a tourist attraction on the jersey shore. sandy knocked a roller coaster off a new jersey pier. now it's partially submerged just off the beach. and in might stay there.
5:50 am
the mayor of seaside heights says it would make a great tourist attraction. he is working with the coast guard now to see if it's safe to leave it where it is. in new york, another milestone for the project to replace the world trade center. the giant spire that will top the one world trade center building is on its way to manhattan. the spire is divided into 18 sections each weighing between 5 and 57 tons. and once it's installed, the tower will stand 1,776 feet high. the tallest building by the way in the western hemisphere. >> all right. time right now is 10 minutes before 6:00 in the morning. from sean penn to alisha keys, charlie rose will tell us about tonight's cbs special person to person. plus. >> open the door. >> a cigarette store holdup. but this clerk isn't having it! what happens when he tries to put up a fight. ,,,,
5:51 am
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sacramento. "open the drawer" well, some women keep coin purses in their bras, but not this shopper in sacramento. >> open the drawer. >> yeah, it took her a few seconds but the would-be robber pulled the gun out of her top getting the cash though wasn't easy. the clerk started arguing with the suspect and her accomplice and finally, the suspect snapped. >> open the [bleeping] drawer now! now! open it, okay? open it! [ bleep ] >> you press anything and i swear to god [ indiscernible ] ... >> the clerk eventually gave in. the pair of robbers quickly grabbed the cash from the register and then ran off but
5:54 am
on her way out the suspect turned around and said bye to the clerk. there could be a new way to get from southern california to las vegas. a nevada company has a tentative deal to put a party trade on union pacific railroad tracks from daggett in san bernardino county to vegas and it would be called, the x train with plenty of party provisions. the tickets will be $99 each way including food and drinks. >> i don't know, it might be a good deal. >> the cbs special person to person with charlie rose and lara logan airs tonight and a star guest new orleans saint quarterback drew brees. >> first of all, that he's a great guy and that he clearly is a football hero who feels that his celebrity should be used for good things and he has been part of the rebuilding of new orleans and obviously because of the super bowl is a
5:55 am
huge hero down there. >> and he will be joined by his wife. other guests are sean penn, gabby douglas and alisha keys. catch person to person at 10:00 on channel 5 tonight. a san francisco holiday tradition will be repeated tonight. >> the lights go on on macy's's 83-foot tree in union square the 23rd annual great tree lighting ceremony. and the tree lighting is expected at about 6:40 tonight. entertainment will include singers chris mann and selby and the glide ensemble from the san francisco school of the arts. a lot of people show up there. it's a gorgeous sight. in the next half hour the doors are busted, black friday in full swing. >> live in livermore at the paragon outlet where the parking lots and shopping bags are full. if you are not here already, i'll tell you when the best time to get here is and what the best deals are. >> and a fire captain injured
5:56 am
when an apartment ceiling caves in on him. now we're learning what may have caused the roof to catch fire up. >> a threat to the cease-fire. the first violence since a truce between israel and hamas. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
weather ad libs black friday is in full swing here at the paragon outlet mall in livermore. we'll tell you what the best deals are throughout the day. >> one major retailer going against the trent. i'll tell you who is going against the trend and how it's working out. >> if you are in search of a good deal this morning, so far, so good if you are heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza into san francisco. a full look at your morning drive coming up. >> bundle up, chilly outside


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